Lit Trans 275

Scandinavian Studies 475




Hans Christian Andersen lived in Denmark from 1805 - 1875. He is one of the
best-known writers in the world, and his tales have been translated into numerous languages.

His writings span many genres and include much more than the "fairy" tales that made him famous. In this class, however, we will focus on the tales. They can be read by young and old alike, but it is quite certain that as an adult you will have a much stronger appreciation of the complexities and important messages in his tales. They are not mere "children's tales" but contain wit, humor, sharp observations, social criticism, and existential thoughts, among many others They are.composed in a way that guarantees them well-deserved immortality.

We will read a variety of tales, discuss them, place them in a historical context, and also try to build a picture in our mind of Andersen, the writer. Maybe you will even be inspired to visit Denmark and his native city of Odense.

Lit Trans 275:
Most students should be taking the course for 3 credits.

Scan 475, Scandinavian Majors and others. (Follow Link)
Scandinavian Majors, and other students interested in a more in-depth discussion of some of the works discussed in lecture, are encouraged to sign up for the 4-credit 475 class. This class meets an additional Saturday or Sunday morning during the semester. The time and place will be determined by the students and instructor, so please meet with the instructor following the second lecture.

Students taking this course for Comm-B should be signed up for 4 credits and review the Comm-B page.



ODENSE, Denmark

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