Lit Trans 275

Scandinavian Studies 475





Participation: All students should attend class regularly and read the assigned texts. Please see Syllabus for detailed assignments.

Exams: There are three exams in this class: one at the end of the fifth, the tenth week, and the fifteenth week.
They are equally weighted.

Students will have one hour for the three exams, and they will all be taken in class on the date indicated in the syllabus.

It is your responsibility to make sure you know when the exams
are taking
place. Missed exams cannot be made up.

For details pertaining to grading procedures, please see Grading.

Grading Scale for exams:

A 93-100 C 68-74
AB 86-92 D 60-67
B 78-85 F below 60
BC 75-77    



ODENSE, Denmark

Nete Schmidt